I Must Praise Your Body

I must praise your body; 

It’s like the earth’s dark soil

spoiled by the tropical sun, redolent of harvest,

I bury my eager hands into your fertility,

and bring out the rich greenery.


I drink from your lips the nectar of life; spring

is in your saffron-colored perianth.

My body is burning,

from my loins to my eyes,

the battlefield of virtue and sin.


I’m a proud man, broken by you.

The vengeance of love bends me;

The pain of love crushes me;

And forgetfulness saves me.

Boys’ Night

It was just one bed they shared, after all.

and they hurried and got dressed, must have been afraid

of the awkward moment after the happiness like eternity.

One left the apartment, furtive but satisfied,

thinking of the ivory moon avalanching on his chest –

that aroused him again,

But he could also meet many other boys, he thought.


The other one, still drunk in the aftertaste

of an erotic moon that entered,

was elated , though soon disillusioned, like always.

He could at least fake a few lines for the man, he thought .

It’d be the beginning of some darn good poems