The Second Waltz | The Atlanta Review, USA

Again I Return to the Battered Town | The Arkansas International, USA

Eternal City, Last Warmth of the Day | Grist Journal, USA

The Architect | The Worcester Review, USA

Ice City | Mystic Owl Magazine, USA

Ode to a Mountain | Twyckenham Notes, USA


On the Slope of the Dead | The Australian Poetry Journal, Australia

Triptych of Southern Sea | The Missouri Review, USA

Insomnia Mania | Crazyhorse Journal, USA

This Moment | Black Warrior Review, USA

Homebound, The Other Half of the World | Tupelo Quarterly, USA

By Night in Yangzhou | Parentheses, Canada

Falling into Earth | Parentheses, Canada. Anthologized in Orison Anthology 2021, USA

Three Poems Translated from NiZan | The Cordite Poetry Review, Australia

At Fuxing Road | Rabbit, A Journal of Non-Fiction Poetry, Australia

Translations, Two Yangzhou Poems | The Columbia Journal, USA

Panorama, Drought | Allium, A Journal of Poetry and Prose, USA

Scranton | The Baltimore Review, USA

Full Moon Ghazal, Pioneers | Torch ( The Oxford Research Center of Humanities ), UK

Night Fleeing | Variant Literature, USA

Dynamic Zero | River Heron Review, USA

Prosymnus, My Prosymnus, Different Horizon | The Brooklyn Review, USA, re-written as a pop song named Colors by the musician Phil Hsu

Flute | Open:Journal of Arts&Letters(O:JA&L), USA

Fragments | Poet Lore, USA

Order | The New York Quarterly, USA

Spring’s Last Rose | The Cortland Review, USA

Companion | Rust & Moth, USA

Landscape’s End, Prayer | Cagibi, USA

It was not Love I Sought / Allegory | Guest House Lit, USA, nominated for the 2022 Best-of-the-Net Award

At Dragon’s Back | Mingled Voices Anthology, Hong Kong, China

The Shrine | Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine 声韵诗刊, Hong Kong, China

Fixing the Wall | Voice & Verse Poetry Magazine 声韵诗刊, Hong Kong, China

On the Train to Guangzhou | The Shanghai Literary Review, Shanghai, China

Garden Lane | The Potomac Review, USA

He Asks me out for Coffee | The Carolina Quarterly, USA

Aluminum Moon | Rice Paper Magazine, Canada

3 AM | Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, Hong Kong, China

Romance | Overheard, USA, anthologized into Overheard Anthology 2022

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