NYQ Poets

Aiden Heung was born in Muli Tibetan Autonomous County in the western part of Sichuan, on the edge of the great Tibetan Plateau.

He held an MA in English Language and Literature from Tongji University, Shanghai, the city where he currently lives and writes in. He mostly writes in his second language English with a few exceptions. He loves to translate his favorite poetry into English or the other way around. He was a poet-in-residence at Swatch Art Peace Hotel from April 2021 till July 2021, and also a 2021/2022 Varuna Australian National Writers’ House poetry masterclass fellow

He writes about his personal past on the great plateau, the city of Shanghai, as well as his identity as an Asian gay man. He spends most of his caffeinated time reading and writing and complaining about his daytime job as a coating and paint salesman.

He is currently working on his manuscript The Foreign Country 异乡( a 2021 Diode Edition Book Contest Finalist, USA), and a chapbook with a tentative tittle, All Earthly Things.

He is proudly out of the closet.

He is an avid reader of world literature, ask him about his favorite authors on twitter@aidenheung

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