About The Author

Aiden Author of this blog, Aiden Heung, born in 1989, currently lives in the city of Shanghai, the People’s Republic of China, a native Chinese who were born and raised on the edge of Tibetan Plateau and spends all his life in China. He calls Shanghai home.

He graduated from the department of English Language and Literature in Tongji University Shanghai and works as a salesman by day and a poet at night writing in Chinese, English and occasionally German.

He is a member of the international house of poets (IHOP) in Shanghai, contributing his poems to various zines.

He is also an LGBT activist working with WorkforLGBT to promote tolerance and equality in the workplace for LGBT people in China.

Some of his favorite writers are Dostoevsky, Heidegger, Jean-Paul Sartre, Eugene O’Neill, Tennesee Williams, T.S.Eliot, C.P.Cavafy, Rainer Maria Rilke, Jorges Borges etc. He reads voraciously.


All poems on this website are written by Aiden and Aiden only. He reserves the right to all poems. This blog serves a place for some of Aiden’s published poems.

He is available on this site or via axiang7749@gmail.com, contact him for more poems.

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