Elegy In Five Stanzas

(I) Obscurity 

And here I am, 

an instant NOW drifting away into an obscure future, 

away like a swallow without eaves,

away like last years leaves finally forsaking their twigs.


I’m moved by a force not of the bang of the universe 

But of a whimper , a sigh, and a consoling whisper saying 



(II) Whimper

Yes hear the whimper in the morning , in the afternoon 

and in the evening ,

It goes on with the diminutive energy of an aging star ,

dimmed into the velvety universe.


I drive my car across half the city chasing a shadow 

more real than the flesh of many a man ,

And the discordant orchestra of the universe rattles my mind.


(III) Sailing Out

At 1 pm I go to bed and the darkness wraps me tight ,

I can finally sail out , sail out 

to the open sea where the water trembles hard 

as if in an intercourse before the final outburst.


And the whimper continues, the sound of a dying siren.

I set my boat to the uncharted course,

there’s no returning.


(IV) Salvation

The incense burns late in this grand temple

by the sea where the sea is muzzled , tamed.

I stand at the wooden gate studded with gold, 

knowing not if I should go in, hesitant like a schoolboy.

Busy tourists swarm around the goddess

and wave entrance tickets like praying flags.


30RMB, that’s the price for salvation.


(V) Oblivion

In the end life is like a blank page, 

Man scribbles and hopes one day,

It’ll turn into a novel or poem, admired by many.

But It’s his own eulogy for no audience.


The swan song is the empty space between lines

which has already transmuted into his being.

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